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Online Classes

We offer a number of online courses through the Institute for Continuing & Professional Studies. Our online courses are flexible and convenient, are taught by NYSID instructors, and the curriculum and learning goals are the same as the onsite courses.

Our for-credit courses are offered on the semester schedule (see Academic Calendar), but the non-credit courses, such as Introduction to Interior Design, follow their own schedules.



Bev Carlton, Kansas City, Missouri

“For me it was all about the flexibility. I live in Kansas City, so the online courses allowed me to take advantage of one of the top programs in the country and to work around family and work commitments. The online format means you can start and stop lectures while taking notes, refer back to slides, or reference other materials to reinforce the content.” Read Bev's full profile.

Basic Interior Design Certificate

The Basic Interior Design (BID) online certificate provides the same rigorous education that we offer with our onsite BID certificate, but with greater flexibility. NYSID instructors teach every course and the curriculum and learning goals are the same as the onsite courses. You can study on your own time and at your own pace — watch recorded lectures and demonstrations, participate in active discussions with fellow students and the instructor, and access handouts and assignments whenever it is convenient for you.

The BID certificate consists of 10 courses, which make up the foundation of the College's undergraduate degree programs. No portfolio is required for admission. Best of all, if you want to pursue a degree, you can apply credits earned from the BID into our one of our undergraduate degree programs.

Read articles about the program from Office Insight and Editor at Large.

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Sandrina Rubelli, Venice, Italy

“You do not feel online at all, rather it is very much like being able to fully attend a class. The video lectures are readily available, the professors can be easily reached, and the format is well structured so that it’s almost instinctive or second nature to find all the tools you need to follow the courses and successfully complete them.”