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NYSID’s Institute for Continuing & Professional Studies (ICPS) has a course that fits your needs, whether you are a professional looking to acquire a new skill or credential, or a design enthusiast seeking to nourish your passion. All classes are taught by NYSID’s accomplished faculty of interior designers, architects, visual artists, and art and design historians.

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Graphic Communications & Technology Courses:
Subjects include courses in AutoCAD for Mac and PC users, Revit, Vectorworks, SketchUp, and more

Professional Enrichment:
Courses cover how to license your designs, entrepreneurship, exam prep, and residential lighting basics for designers. All these classes carry CEUs and LUs.

Courses for Academic Credit:
These 1 to 3 credit courses in design have no prerequisites and are open to NYSID students and the public.  NYSID allows you to take up to 12 credits as a non-matriculated student, and those credits can be applied to a degree.

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If you register for all courses in a specific suite at the same time you will receive a 10% rebate.* Suites include: Residential Lighting Design, Business of Design, Telling Your Story, Design Center Tours, AutoCAD (PC), AutoCAD (Mac), SketchUp, Adobe Apps (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), and 3dsMax.

Residential Lighting Design

CE731 Shedding Light on Your Design
CE741 Electric Light Technology: Revisiting the Fundamentals
CE742 Lighting Control Technology: From Simple to Sophisticated
CE740 Lighting Layout Fundamentals: Guidelines and Recommendations
CE746 Basic Lighting Calculations: Quick and Uncomplicated

Business of Design

CE909 The Business of Design: From Vision to Design Practice
CE910 Business Planning for Your Design Business
CE911 Brand Building for Your Design Business

Telling Your Story

CE200 Telling Your Story: How to Catch an Editor's Eye
CE202 Telling Your Story: Writing Skills for Designers

Design Center Tours

CE154 Tour the New York Design Center with Judy Sheridan
CE155 Tour the Decoration & Design Building with Judy Sheridan
CE156 Tour the Architects & Designers Building with Judy Sheridan

AutoCAD (PC)

CE410 Basic 2D Drafting Using AutoCAD
CE411 Intermediate 2D Drafting Using AutoCAD

AutoCAD (Mac)

CE412 Mac Users: Basic 2D Drafting Using AutoCAD
CE414 Mac Users: Intermediate 2D Drafting Using AutoCAD


CE435 Basic SketchUp
CE436 Intermediate SketchUp
CE437 Advanced SketchUp

Adobe Apps (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)

CE431 Basic Adobe Photoshop
CE432 Basic Adobe Illustrator
CE433 Basic Adobe InDesign


CE416 Basic 3ds Max
CE417 Intermediate 3ds Max

*Rebate is not applicable if courses are added at different times or if any course in the suite is dropped.

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