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NYSID’s undergraduate programs combine lectures, studio classes, design history, and professional practice courses to prepare graduates to compete in the ever-changing profession of interior design.

The programs are all structured to be flexible; you can attend full-time or part-time (with some classes offered online) to accommodate the needs of family or work as you pursue your degree. And there are a variety of programs to suit your interests and grow with you. NYSID’s Basic Interior Design certificate and Associate’s degree build into the BFA, so you can explore the fundamentals before committing to a four-year degree. NYSID also accepts up to 60 transfer credits from other schools toward the BFA.  

Contract Design II class with Darris JamesAlthough NYSID is a single-discipline college, the liberal arts curriculum is extensive: cultural anthropology, writing, humanities, math, science, and history. “We ensure that a NYSID education is well-rounded,” says Ellen Fisher, vice president of academic affairs and dean. “We educate the whole person. A professional designer must be a person of the world — well-read, cultured, and knowledgeable across many subjects.”

Which of NYSID’s four undergraduate programs is right for you?        

BID – The Basic Interior Design certificate is a one-year program that provides an introduction to the practice of interior design. The BID program may be applied toward an AAS, BFA, or BA at NYSID, and qualifies students to work in sales or entry-level positions at design firms. These foundation courses focus on drawing, design concepts, and design history. A portfolio is not required for admission. The BID courses allow a student to develop a basic design portfolio that can be used for admission to the AAS or BFA.

AAS – The Associate in Applied Science in Interior Design is a two-year program emphasizing core studies in a range of residential and commercial design studio courses, technology, and graphic communications, as well as courses in the history of architecture and the decorative arts. Students master fundamental skills in drawing, hand and digital drafting, color, history of design, materials and methods of construction, building systems, and professional practice, along with a broad range of liberal arts courses.

BFA –The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design provides students with professional-level preparation to become practicing interior designers. This program gives students the tools to think analytically; to create functional, safe, and beautiful interior environments; and to communicate verbally and graphically using the latest technology. The program is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA).

BA – The Bachelor of Arts in History of the Interior and the Decorative Arts provides students with an undergraduate degree in the liberal arts and a specialization in the decorative arts and the history of the interior. Graduates go on to work in museums, auction houses, and galleries, as well as in design journalism.

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