Alumni Profiles

Here are profiles of some of NYSID's outstanding alumni


Susan B. Nagle received her BFA from NYSID in 1997. She is a partner in the architecture and design firm of Bentel & Bentel. She and her partners at Bentel & Bentel were inducted into the prestigious Hospitality Design Platinum Circle in 2007—the hospitality design world’s hall of fame. A variety of Bentel & Bentel’s institutional, hospitality, and residential works have been featured in magazines like Metropolis, Interior Design, Architectural Record, and Wallpaper magazine. Says Nagle, “I enjoy Hospitality Design tremendously. Because of the wide array of design and cultural issues surrounding every project, we always engage each one with heightened intensity and awareness, whether it is a restaurant or a hotel. For many of our hotel projects in particular, we investigate new ways to adapt a high-end residential ambiance to a communal setting while satisfying all of the baseline code and maintenance criteria. It’s extremely challenging, and frequently fast paced.” Read full profile

David Scott BFA'91

Before he came to NYSID in 1987, David Scott had already received a BS degree in economics and even worked in hotel and real estate sales. "I remember a drawing class at NYSID vividly,” relates Scott of those early days in his change-of-careers. “It was a day that we visited the Metropolitan Museum and were drawing the Egyptian Temple of Dendur. I put my pencil to the page, and it's hard to describe, but it was a moment in which everything fell into place. After all, this was a second career for me. But somehow, at that moment, I knew I really was an artist.”  Read full profile


Alberto Villalobos AAS'06 AND Mercedes Desio BFA'08

Alberto Villalobos, who hails from Columbia, and Mercedes Desio, from Italy, met in the summer of 2003 while they were both students at NYSID—he, in the AAS program, and she in the BFA. By the time Alberto graduated in 2006 with an AAS (and Mercedes was still in her 3rd year of the BFA) they had already begun to work together professionally, designing residential interiors. Read full profile

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