NYSID Board of Trustees and Advisory Board

NYSID is fortunate to have an energetic and involved Board of Trustees, made up of interior designers, textile designers, gallery owners, financial officers, furniture and antique dealers, and entrepreneurs. “Boards are often not very involved in the day-to-day life of a school, but our Board is really loyal and invested in moving the institution forward in the growing professionalization of the field,” said NYSID board chairman Patricia Sovern.” Read a Q&A with Patricia Sovern.

The Board of Trustees has ultimate responsibility for the financial, administrative, and academic affairs of NYSID.The role of a trustee is a vitally important one. It is the Board that, collectively, bears fiduciary responsibility for the College and provides for its overall leadership. The Board works closely with the president and senior administration in developing the institution’s near-and long-term goals, setting major policies, and approving curricula and budgets, managing the College’s assets, and spending of the capital funds.

The Advisory Board is made up of successful designers, architects, and executives from related industries. They give the College guidance on new developments in the design fields as well as help forging relationships and creating opportunities for NYSID students.

Board of Trustees

Patricia M. Sovern, Chairman
David Sprouls, NYSID President

Amory Armstrong
Libby Cameron
Jill H. Dienst
James P. Druckman
Elliot Greene
Alexa Hampton
Jodie W. King
Anne Korman
Ellen Kravet
Dennis Miller
Susan B. Nagle
Betsey Ruprecht
David Scott
Maria Spears
Newell Turner

René B. Estacio, Faculty Trustee
Joanna L. Silver, Esq., General Counsel
Elaine Wingate Conway, Trustee Emerita
Alexander C. Cortesi, Trustee Emeritus
Inge Heckel, Trustee Emerita
Arthur King Satz, President Emeritus


Advisory Board

Stanley Abercrombie
Christian P. Árkay-Leliever
Robin Klehr Avia
Geoffrey Bradfield
Michael Bruno
Mario Buatta
Birch Coffey
Kathleen M. Doyle
David Anthony Easton
Anne Eisenhower
Mica Ertegun
Ross J. Francis
Mariette Himes Gomez
Hugh Hardy
Gerald A. Holbrook
Thomas Jayne
Wolfram Koeppe
Jack Lenor Larsen
Michael Manes
Charlotte Moss
Michele Oka Doner
Barbara Ostrom
Sylvia Owen
Charles Pavarini, III
Robyn Pocker
James Stewart Polshek
Ann Pyne
John Saladino
Peter Sallick
Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill
Alexandra Stoddard
Calvin Tsao
Bunny Williams
Vicente Wolf