Undergraduate Admission Requirements

If you have any questions during the application process, please contact the Office of Admissions:

New York School of Interior Design
Office of Admissions
170 East 70th Street
New York, NY  10021
(212) 472-1500 x205

1. Application
To be considered for admission, please submit a completed application for admission. Once the application is submitted, you will receive an e-mail with log-in information for the NYSID Portal so you can track your admission status online.

2. Application Fee
You must submit a nonrefundable application fee of $60 for domestic students or $100 for international students. This fee can be paid via credit card on the website or submitted via check to the Admissions Office. Cash payments are not accepted.

3. Essay
Applicants must submit a typed personal statement, roughly one page in length, describing their reasons for applying to NYSID. This can be mailed to the Admissions Office or e-mailed to admissions@nysid.edu. Please be sure to include your name on the essay.

4. Official Transcript
An official transcript that indicates graduation from an accredited high school, including a graduation date is required for admission. Transcripts must be received from the school in a sealed envelope. Applicants who did not complete high school, but who have obtained a general education diploma (GED) must submit an official passing score.

Applicants who have previously attended other colleges or universities must submit official transcripts from all schools attended. Transcripts must be received from the school in a sealed envelope. Transfer credit will be assessed by an academic advisor as part of the admission process. Applicants who have obtained a college degree are not required to submit their high school transcript.

International Transcripts: Applicants who have completed their degree - or any college credits - in a foreign country must submit an evaluation of their foreign transcripts by World Educational Service, or WES (www.wes.org).

The WES evaluation is required instead of any transcripts from outside of the United States, regardless of the language of instruction.  The WES evaluation will translate the student’s academic credentials into English and convert their marks into the United States grading scale.

It is the student’s responsibility to provide all high school (secondary) and/or college (postsecondary) academic records to WES for a course-by-course credential evaluation.  This is necessary to determine admissibility and to assess any possible transfer credits.

5. Letters of Recommendation
All applicants must submit at least two letters of recommendation. Letters typically come from, but are not limited to, teachers, employers, design professionals, or counselors.  Recommendation letters must come directly from the recommender either via postal mail or email.  Recommendation letters can be emailed to admissions@nysid.edu.

6. SAT/ACT Scores
Applicants who have graduated from a U.S. high school within the past five years must submit results from either the scholastic assessment Test (SAT) of the college Board (CEEB code 0333) or the American College Testing Program (ACT, code 2829).

Applicants who have successfully completed 45 or more credits at an accredited college or university are not required to submit test scores.

7. Portfolio
Portfolio requirements differ depending on the program.

  • Basic Interior Design (BID) certificate program, Bachelor of Arts (BA) in the History of Interior Design and Decorative Arts: no portfolio is required for admission.
  • Associate in Applied Science (AAS), Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA): a portfolio of 10 to 15 pieces is required. The portfolio should be fine-art based using a variety of media and may consist of still life compositions, sculptures, landscapes, portraits, figure studies, and/or renderings of interior spaces. Drafting/technical drawings should be submitted if possible.

Portfolios can be submitted via JPG or PDF images on a CD or USB Flash drive, or in prints or books. Portfolios cannot be returned unless you provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

Applicants who wish to submit their portfolio electronically should:

•    Visit www.DropBox.com
•    Download your portfolio into a DropBox folder
•    Hover your mouse over the folder with your portfolio
•    Click once on the ‘share’ button on the right
•    Select ‘create link’, then select ‘copy link’
•    Copy and paste link to e-mail and send to portfolios@nysid.edu(please do not "share" the folder).

An email with attached images of portfolio work cannot be accepted.

Note for applicants without a portfolio: applicants who are interested in pursuing either the AAS or BFA degree but do not have the required portfolio must apply for admission to the BID program. Upon successful completion of the first semester of the Bid program, students may apply for a change of program into the AAS or BFA. See Change of Academic Program section for details.

8. Proof of English Proficiency
All applicants whose primary language is not English are required to show proof of their English proficiency. This proficiency can be shown in several ways:

  • An official score on the Test of English as Foreign language (TOEFL). The minimum score is 79 on the internet-based test or 213 on the computer- based test. The NYSID TOEFL code is 9185.
  • An official score on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The minimum score is 6.5.
  • Completing English composition course(s) at an accredited institution in a country where English is the primary language can be used to show proficiency. High School students can show one year of regular high school level English courses. College students can show one semester of regular college level English. The final grade in these courses must be a “C” or higher in the American grading scale. Remedial courses or courses taken in English as a second language (ESL) programs cannot be considered.
  • Completing level 112 at an ELS language center and submitting an official certificate-of-completion. For more information please visit www.els.edu.

International Student Requirements
NYSID is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant students.

In addition to the regular admissions requirements for undergraduate programs, international students must also submit an evaluation of foreign transcripts by World Educational Service (WES).

The WES evaluation is required of all applicants educated in countries outside the United States.  The WES evaluation will translate the student’s academic credentials into English and convert their marks into the United States grading scale.

It is the student’s responsibility to provide all high school (secondary) and/or college (postsecondary) academic records to WES for a course-by-course credential evaluation.  This is necessary to determine admissibility and to assess any possible transfer credits.


Undergraduate Admission

Policies Filing Dates and Notifications
An application for admission cannot be reviewed until all above-mentioned items are received.

The admissions committee reserves the right to request additional information.

While applications are accepted on a rolling basis, it is recommended that all application materials are received by February 1st for the fall semester and October 1st for the spring semester. Students applying for admission after the recommended dates cannot be guaranteed full-time status.

Applicants are notified of the admission decisions by mail. Decisions are also posted on the NYSID Portal.

Enrollment Deposit
Students accepted into an undergraduate program must submit a declaration of intent form and pay a nonrefundable enrollment deposit of $350 in order to secure their place in the program. Enrollment deposits are processed in the order in which they are received so long as space remains available.

Change of Academic Program
The undergraduate programs at NYSID are designed to “build on” each other: credits earned in lower-level undergraduate programs are transferable into higher-level programs. Many students begin in the Bid program or as non-matriculated, then continue their studies by moving into the AAS or BFA program (students may also start in the AAS and move into the BFA). Students accepted into one undergraduate program wishing to transfer to another undergraduate program must complete a Change-of-Academic Program form and submit a portfolio of class work for evaluation. Students must fulfill current admission requirements for the higher level of study and be in good academic standing to be considered for the new program.

Matriculated students who leave NYSID for a year or more are required to apply for readmission. Readmitted students must satisfy all degree requirements current at the time of readmission. Students who have attended other schools during their absence from NYSID must submit official transcripts. Course descriptions and samples of work produced may also be required for transfer-credit evaluation. The student is notified of the readmission decision by mail and on the NYSID Portal.

Deferring Admission
Acceptance to NYSID can be deferred one time, for up to one year. A request to defer can be noted on the declaration of intent form or submitted to the Admissions Office in writing.