NYSID Students Design Rooms for Nantucket by Design

Students design for Jethro Coffin HouseA group of NYSID students designed two rooms in the Jethro Coffin House, the oldest house on Nantucket, for Nantucket by Design, a festival of design that took place August 2-6, 206, organized by the Nantucket Historical Association. Under the direction of dean Ellen Fisher, BFA students Faith Hoops and Emily Kent designed a "honeymoon" bedroom for the house’s original owners, Jethro Coffin & Mary Gardner; and MFA-1 students Tom Elka and Larissa Moutrier designed the living room around the concept of the “vagabond soul," a feeling of cultural exploration and the passing of time inspired by the historic context of the house. See photos of the installation and more here.

NYSID Alumni Designs NYSID's Rooftop Garden

NYSID Students re-design rooftop gardenA group of alumni are working on a project to redesign NYSID’s rooftop garden at the 70th street building, a project that began while they were students as part of the NYSID chapter of U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). On October 6, 2016 NYSID alumni Carolina Martins, Yujin Oh, and Emma Sawrey presented their design to a panel of mentors including Alexa Hampton, interior designer and NYSID trustee; Ethan Lu, director of NYSID’s MPS-S program; Michelle Newberry, president of ATG Stores; and David Sprouls, NYSID president. The designs will be realized in the spring with the assistance and support from the New York Committee of the Garden Club of America,  ATG Stores, and John Danzer. 


The Alumni Scholarship

Rose DarbouzeRose Drabouze (BFA, 2016) grew up in Les Cayes, Haiti and moved to the U.S. when she was 16. While at NYSID, she received the Alumni Scholarship. "My interior design education has opened me up to a whole world of possibilities that I never dreamed of. I find it most fascinating how it intertwines many different worlds such as art, history, architecture, even neuroscience! Today Rose is an interior designer at Stonehill & Taylor, an architecture and design firm in Manhattan. Read more about Rose here. 



The Barbara Bernie Scholarship

Samantha PendletonSamantha Pendleton (BFA, 2016) who received the Barbara Bernie Scholarship while at NYSID. She is now a practicing interior designer at kennethpark Architects - kpa. "At the time I applied to NYSID, my family was having financial difficulty. I don’t take what I do for granted. I am grateful for the scholarship and the opportunity to study at the College." Read more about Samantha here. 



The Geoffrey Bradfield Scholarship

Dirk de BeerDirk De Beer (MFA-1, 2015), who is originally from South Africa, received the Geoffrey Bradfield Scholarship, created to support the studies of an international student. "The scholarship made a big difference, since I’m from a country where the currency is always fluctuating. It was a lot of money that I didn’t have to ask my parents for." De Beer is currently an interior designer at Philip Gorrivan Design. Read more about Dirk here.


Mark Hampton/Jean Lindsey Assistanship

Krista GurevichKrista Gurevich (MFA-1, 2016) had a career in marketing for nearly 15 years before attending NYSID. "I always enjoyed my job but I knew there was something more that I wanted from my career. Even though I felt certain about my choice to go back to school, it was a big decision for me emotionally and financially. I was fortunate to receive the Mark Hampton/Jean Lindsey Assistantship, which helped to ease some of the financial burden." Today, Krista is an interior design at Robert Kaner Interior Design. Read more about Krista here.


The Robert Herring Travel Prize

NYSID’s Travel Award Transforms Interior Designers and Their Designs  

Before interior designers can create spaces that enhance well-being, they must observe the different ways people work and live. Travel hones designers’ understanding of the relationship between culture and the built environment, and channels a global perspective into their designs. The family of Joseph Roman understood this when they initiated NYSID’s travel award in 2005. Read more.

The J.T. Collins Scholarship

An Award That Celebrates One Woman’s Determination to Reinvent Herself through a NYSID Education

When Judy Collins was 37, she was the parent of four children (who ranged in age from 7 to 16), but she longed for intellectual and creative engagement. She remembers, “I was so busy with my kids, but I had to do something that was mine. I needed to craft my own space in the world. I was old enough to know my aptitudes, so I started in a 10am class at the New York School of Interior Design while the kids were in school.” Read more.