Getting the help you need

NYSID has a staff of advisors who are here to help students with their academic needs and concerns. All students, including non-matriculated students and those taking continuing education courses, have advisors from their initial contact with the College. Advisors will discuss the different programs, schedule options, and evaluate transfer credits, for all students and inquiries to the College. Located in the Dean's Office, the advising staff is available by phone, email, and one-on-one appointments.


Advisors are assigned by students’ last name and division:


Shell Azar

Academic Advisor and Student Competition Coordinator
Undergraduate Advising: last names A–M
Graduate Advising: last names A–P 
212-472-1500, ext. 311

Linda Sclafani

Assistant Dean for Academic Administration
Undergraduate Advising: last names N–Z
Graduate Advising: last names Q–Z
212-472-1500, ext. 303


Transfer Credit

Official college transcripts showing completed coursework are a portion of the application for admission. Transcripts are evaluated by academic advisors for possible transfer credit during and after the admissions process in order to determine if a student may be granted advanced standing. The coursework must be determined relevant to the courses required by NYSID depending on the student's pathway and degree of choice.

NYSID uses guidelines that aid in the evaluation of credits, such as those published by the American Council on Education and the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers in assessing and documenting comparable learning through course content and level of instruction. Transfer credit may be accepted from institutions that are approved by the U.S. Department of Education, institutions that are recognized by accrediting agencies approved by the U.S. Department of Education, or those institutions which are recognized by the ministry of education or equivalent agency in the foreign country in which the studies occurred. 

Coursework from institutions which are not accredited or do not meet the criteria above will be evaluated on student work as it meets or exceeds the standards and expectations of equivalent NYSID courses, including but not limited to such student work as papers, art and design projects; and educational material such as course syllabus; handouts, assignments, and other documents; the level of instruction as evidenced by the qualifications of the instructor, in comparison with instructor qualifications at NYSID.

The College may accept liberal arts credits earned through the CLEP proficiency examinations. NYSID's CLEP number is 7664.