Experience Atelier

As we enter 2019, NYSID is well into its second century and continues to shape, and be shaped by, the field of interior design. As always, at the heart of what we do at the College are our students and their passion for design. This aspect is one of the things we love most about NYSID. Generally, people don’t grow up knowing they want to practice interior design; they discover it. As a single-focus college that teaches one discipline with laser focus, NYSID draws students who are choosing the career that is most meaningful to them.

With this in mind, we welcome you to the first issue of the re-imagined Atelier. It’s our hope that this new format enables us to tell the stories of students, alumni, faculty, and staff in a deeper way. We invite you to send us feedback and story ideas to atelier@nysid.edu. Ours is a community of makers and doers who change lives as they transform the built environment. We hope these stories serve as a resource for discovering what’s next in interior design education.