An Active Community

Upon completing their education, NYSID graduates are welcomed to an active community of over 3,000+ alumni who share the hallmark experience of a NYSID education. NYSID alumni create a vital network for professional development through events and networking with the College and fellow alumni, and give back through scholarship funds and other activities. 

Opening Reception: Interior Design Today Alumni Exhibition

Opening Reception: Interior Design Today Alumni Exhibition


Meet Our Alumni

NYSID graduates hold positions of leadership in professional organizations, such as American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), IIDA, IFDA, and IES on both the regional and national levels. As active members or officers of both regionally and national organizations, NYSID alumni have served the professional community and the public. Additionally, our alumni are active participants in the governance of the College. They are active members of NYSID’s Board of Trustees, Advisory Board, and Alumni Council, and they make recommendations that help guide the College.

Alumni Events

Various events are planned throughout the year for alumni to connect with fellow graduates, to help start a networking base, and to pool resources. A large alumni gathering is planned for once in the fall and once in the spring, with other smaller events interspersed throughout the academic year.


Past Events


Alumni Work


Give Back

Through their annual financial contributions, NYSID alumni help the College maintain its position at the forefront of interior design education. There are many way to give to NYSID: through the gift of time and talent by participating in programs, and/or by contributing to the Annual Fund, which provides critical resource for unrestricted dollars to be used where they are needed most and to ensure excellence throughout the College.