Posting Available Jobs and Internships on the NYSID Jobs Board

If you are an employer who would like to post a job opening, carefully read the following information and follow the instructions below. All job postings will be reviewed and approved by the Office of Career and Internship Services before being posted to the NYSID Job Board.

If you have questions about posting an open job, contact Nansi Barrie at 212-472-1500 ext. 308 or

Guidelines for Employers

  1. Positions must be in an interior design or architecture firm, trade or retail showroom, or other established business related to interior design. 
  2. All posted jobs must be paid staff positions. 


Offer an Internship at Your Firm

Internships should provide students with substantive and hands-on experience in an interior design, architecture, or showroom to-the-trade company. Interns should be provided with the opportunity to apply and develop design skills and knowledge of particular relevance to the interior design field.

The purpose of the internship is to:

  • Build upon knowledge, skills and experience in an applied setting
  • Refine the student’s written, verbal, and analytical skills
  • Reinforce the student’s sense of professionalism and professional work ethic

Students should be exposed to the following:

  • Issues of access, cost, and quality regarding the company
  • An overall awareness of the operating structure of their organization
  • The relationship between their organization and the community in which it operates

The skills that the intern brings to the internship sponsor are those that are learned and applied in their educational program of study, specifically that of interior design.