Learning How to See

Coming to NYSID with a background in Theatre Design, I thought I was sensitive to the aesthetics that surround me. I was wrong. After only two months in the MFA-1 program, I have learned so much that my perception of the world is undergoing constant evolution.

When I enter a space, I no longer see red walls, a green sofa, and a brown floor. Instead I am starting to notice color schemes, textures, and finishes.  One you begin to study interior design, observation is endless. Not to mention, the more you learn about art and design, the more interesting New York City becomes. New York is a living library for decorative ornament. After studying grotesque and arabesque forms in my Historical Styles I class, I began to notice them on building facades all throughout my neighborhood. I have actually been able to find the influence of every period and style we have covered scattered about Manhattan.

The upcoming weeks include a few class trips to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which has also been subject to my changing perceptions. The Classical and Egyptian galleries that used to bore me as a child, are alive again as our Survey of Art curriculum tracks the evolution of Ancient art.

The few months I have been at NYSID have completely changed my perception of the world, and so enhanced it that I can only wonder how it will continue to evolve. Stay tuned!

Matt Giampietro has recently started his first year as a NYSID MFA-1 Student. He earned a BA in Theatre Design from Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA, and was born and raised in Westchester County, just north of New York City.  Matt will be contributing periodically to NYSID's Blog.

Phyllis Greer