Emerging Interior Design Professionals

“Empowering” was the word of the day on October 4, when NYSID hosted the kick-off event for the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) third annual GO/PRO NY. The welcome presentation began an exciting two-day weekend conference of rigorous learning and networking. Over 100 emerging designers enjoyed dynamic panel sessions, exclusive showroom visits and architecture and design tours at venues throughout Manhattan.

GO PRO seeks to educate, inspire and groom interior designers in their first five years of practice. The program focus is on the fundamentals of building a successful interior design career and provides invaluable opportunities to meet respected design leaders, learn about the newest products and trends, and get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most innovative design businesses in the industry.

NYSID President David Sprouls welcomed the attendees from across the US, especially noting that their attendance at the conference was in line with NYSID’s vision that “education is empowerment.” ASID President Rachelle Schoessler Lynn, FSID welcomed the conference attendees and industry partners for 2013.

 “Mentoring emerging interior designers and ensuring they have the resources and training necessary to succeed is one of the Society’s chief priorities,” said Schoessler Lynn. “GO PRO is about fortifying the future of interior design.”

The featured presenter at NYSID was Marlene Cameron, former architect, designer and founder of the business consulting firm Leadership by Design. She demonstrated the importance of listening to clients and asking insightful questions to build report and trust, ultimately improving design.  Her insights were based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming,  identifying the multiple ways individuals absorb and communicate their sensory impressions and articulate their ideas, whether that be primarily through visual, auditory, kinesthetic or auditory digital impressions. She offered exercises to the emerging interior designers to evaluate and understand their own proclivities to better assess those of their clients. Ideally communication is enhanced and this allows for better understanding for a balanced creative design process and endeavor.

As an immersive and empowering exploration of the interior designer’s creative process and the designer-client relationship, the introductory session at NYSID was educational and empowering to all attendees. NYSID looks forward to further programs and partnerships with ASID.

Phyllis Greer