PARK(ing) Day 2013

This Friday, September 20th, a group of NYSID students will participate in PARK(ing) Day, an annual global event that transforms metered parking spots into temporary public spaces. Started by the art and design studio Rebar in San Francisco in 2006, PARK(ing) Day has become an open-source project allowing artists and designers to rethink the allocation of our urban spaces and consider how we might contribute to creating healthier cities.

NYSID students from the BFA, MFA, and MPS programs, with the guidance of faculty member Ethan Lu, have been working hard over the past month to create and design their own PARK(ing) space to be installed next Friday. Employing their knowledge of interior design, and beginning with the idea of creating an “exterior interior space,” they’ve made a floor-plan of an ideal park space that will take over the metered parking spot at the corner of Lexington Avenue and 70th Street, just up the block from our 170 East 70th Street building. With the addition of furniture and plant elements, the space will become a three-dimensional look into what their micro-park would be.

We encourage everyone and anyone to stop by, relax, and talk with our students about their thoughts on their creation and reclaiming urban space for public use!

Phyllis Greer