NYSID's Green Roof Initiative

Green roofs are increasingly cited for improving the urban climate, reducing pollution, providing a micro-habitat for insects, bees and birds, as well as contributing positively to a building’s water and insulation management.

NYSID’s USGBC Student Group — which provides students with the opportunity to network, be involved in community service, and raise awareness of LEED and green building — is currently working on a project for the rooftop of the 70th street building. 

Dubbed the Green Roof Initiative, project leaders and NYSID USGBC members Carolina Martins, Yujin Oh, and Emma Sawrey are working to make the roof a more appealing and green space for students to relax, take a break, and get some sun.

On July 3, the first phase of the project began with the installation of green roof trays (live plants) for a small section of the rooftop, which is designed as a prototype for the design of the entire space.  The student group hopes to create more green space and will raise funds for the next phase of this ongoing project.

Phyllis Greer