Students Travel to New Orleans for Architectural Photography Course

A group of NYSID students traveled to New Orleans this October for Mark La Rosa’s Architectural Photography Urban Landscape course. La Rosa, who is an architectural photographer himself, chose New Orleans specifically because the city’s rich history is expressed so deeply in its contemporary urban landscape. See photos from the trip here!

Over the course of four days, students visited iconic neighborhoods and architectural sites including the French Quarter and Garden District as well as other lesser known sites such as the Irish Channel, the Faubourg Marigny, and the St. Louis Cemetery. Along the way, La Rosa encouraged students to explore the city at a pace that allowed them to take in the full scope of the city’s architectural narrative, and to take photographs that reflected their own distinct interests as designers. “Each stop gave students a different piece of the picture of New Orleans,” said La Rosa, “Each area has a different prevalent architectural style, and it was interesting to see how the city developed over different periods of its history and how that is directly tied to the various cultures present in those areas.”

Students returned to NYC with a collection of photographs they will use to prepare a portfolio for the course. La Rosa hopes that his travel study courses in urban photography will “show them that firsthand experience with the built environment and the practice of photography can have a fundamental place in their creative process as designers.” 









David Owens-Hill