Study Abroad: Spain

This summer, a group of NYSID students traveled to Spain on the “Spain: Past, Present, and Prominence” study abroad trip. See photos here.  Recently, we caught up with MFA-1 student Britni Williams who shared her impressions of the trip.

What is unique about the art and architecture in Spain?
The architecture in Spain is full of historical significance. It really pushes the viewer to pay homage to those that came before them. Each building has a story and hearing all of those stories made me appreciate the complexity of the architecture that much more. 

What was it like having Francisco De Leon as your guide?
Francisco was our saving grace this trip. He was the only one fluent in Spanish, so we often relied on Francisco to communicate for us. He also didn't impose his own personal bias onto the class and really let us experience Spain for ourselves.

Did you have a favorite experience on one of the tours?
Touring the churches was the most interesting aspect of the trip. By far the best experience was Antoni Guadi Sagrada Familia, a large Roman Catholic Church in Barcelona. The chapel was so breathtaking! It is spectacular and it is definitely one of those spaces where I had to take my time looking at all of the architectural details.

What are some of the most interesting aspects of Spanish culture?
The Spanish really take their time in the preparation and presentation of their food. Eating in Spain was just as exciting as going into the churches! I also loved how each town had a different type of energy. The Spanish culture is very diverse and Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville all made you appreciate the varying perspectives of Spanish culture. 

Phyllis Greer