Reception in Palm Beach

On January 30, Liza Pulitzer Calhoun and Bob Calhoun hosted a reception to honor NYSID at their home in Palm Beach, Florida. See photos here. Guests included NYSID trustees Jodie W. King and Dennis Miller, advisory board member Gerry Holbrook, and NYSID president David Sprouls.

A gathering of NYSID alumni, students, and friends were also in attendance, including Frances and Kevin Asbacher, Norma P. Ayee, Bruce Bierman, Lars Bolander, Virginia Burke, John D. Corey, Diane de la Begassiere, Leta Austin Foster, Jennifer Garrigues, Mark Gilbertson, Milan Hughston, Thomas and Carol Kirchhoff, Grace Meigher, Tom Quick, Renny Reynolds, Frances Scaife, Betsy Shiverick, Jack Staub, Steven Stolman, Carleton Varney, Kenneth Walker, and Michel Witmer. 

Phyllis Greer