NYSID Takes Nantucket

In August, New York School of Interior Design (NYSID) students participated in Nantucket by Design – a week-long fundraising event celebrating Nantucket’s past and future created by the Nantucket Historical Association (NHA).

Built as a wedding gift in 1686 for Jethro Coffin and Mary Gardner, Ajaee Shepard and Mae McKenna redecorated a room in the Jethro Coffin House on Nantucket, in an effort to preserve the home’s unique history and character.

Both Shepard and McKenna challenged themselves by creating a strong contrast to what might usually be found in a 1600's Nantucket home, with the design concept “Bauhaus by the Sea.”

The Jethro Coffin House, also known as the Oldest House, on Sunset Hill Road is a one and a half story wood frame structure, with a steeply-pitched roof and a large brick central chimney. For their contribution to the historic structure, Shepard and McKenna temporarily redesigned the largest room in the house. To preserve the importance of the room and take advantage of such a large space, they created a living and dining space.

Phyllis Greer