Nora's Notables: NYSID Annual Archival Exhibition

Material from the archives show that NYSID has held annual student exhibitions every year since at least the 1930s.  In the early years, the College would advertise the exhibitions in the New York Times, Interiors magazine and other industry publications.  

Some invitations feature student work but others were designed for the occasion by faculty, such as the posters designed in the 1970s by Giuseppe Zambonini, the Italian architect known for popularizing loft design and founding the Open Atelier of Design.

In all cases, the invitations are works of graphic design themselves, revealing much about the aesthetics of the time and the way the College sought to communicate itself to the world.

The Library has plans to display more material from the Archives & Special Collections, which include the Institutional Archives, Interior Design Special Collections, and its collection of rare books.  Come visit the Library to see what’s on display! 

Phyllis Greer