NYSID students in Greece

Twelve BFA and one MFA-1 student now have an outstanding response to the question, “What did you do last summer?” as they were led through a tour of Greece by Francisco De Leon. Passionate about classical Greek architecture, Francisco organized this two-week study tour to begin on the island of Crete, home to the pre-Greek Minoan civilization and the ruins of the great palace of Knossos, and to then continue in Athens. Students made visits to ancient monuments including the Acropolis and the Agora (marketplace), Heraklion Archaeological Museum, National Archaeological Museum, and spent several days at the site of the oracle at Delphi. Each afternoon concluded with a sketching session, not to mention an occasional fantastic dinner with discussion.

“The study abroad program is an amazing opportunity to see the things we study in design history classes,” said NYSID instructor Francisco De Leon. “By drawing ancient Greek sculpture, temples, and ceramics the students were able to better understand and remember those objects. Our sketchbooks document our thoughts and observations for future inspiration.”

Phyllis Greer