291 Curricular Practical Training

Studio Credits: 1

Curricular Practical Training allows undergraduate students to gain practical training working in a professional design office in the United States. This experience is directly applicable to the study of interior design. Students are required to keep a journal, recording their observations and reflections on the work environment, and on their experiences. Students must provide a letter of invitation from the prospective employer/firm to their academic advisor and to the International Student Services Specialist (ISSS) stating the proposed weekly schedule, the salary, if any, the responsibilities and expectations for the position, and other required information. This course is limited to international students studying at the undergraduate level. It may be taken a maximum of three (3) times. All international students must comply with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security guidelines and policies. Students must provide all required documents to the NYSID ISSS and to the academic advisor for their written approvals prior to beginning the training. The training may be paid or unpaid. Students enrolled in 291 may not work until the I-20 has been issued by the ISSS. Students must have completed 24 credits at New York School of Interior Design in order to enroll in this course. Although the U.S. Department of Homeland Security policies may change at any time, as of 2016, international students are limited to 11 months of CPT if they desire to continue to OPT after graduation. Students taking this course in the summer session may work 40 hours/week; students taking this course in the Fall or Spring may work for a maximum of 20 hours/week. NYSID considers all CPT to be fulltime. All CPT must fall within the dates of the semesters, or other dates as determined by the International Student Services Specialist (ISSS) and posted on the NYSID Portal and in other locations.