323 China: Design & Decorative Arts

Lecture Credits: 2, No prerequisites

This course examines major developments in the design and decorative arts of China from ancient times to the present. It investigates architectural and interior designs, symbols, and meanings in the arts of jade carving, bronze vessels, ceramics, furniture, and costumes; which are discussed in relation to the history of painting, calligraphy, sculpture, and environment. Students will analyze designs and objects in terms of medium, form, and style in their historical context. Iconographical interpretation will be conducted in relation to religious, cultural, social, and political functions. The course will provide students with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the significance of design and decorative arts in Chinese arts and culture. Illustrated lectures will be supplemented by museum and gallery visits, and a ‘Chinese Symbols and Designs’ workshop. Students may elect to take this course Pass/Fail, and must notify the Registrar of their choice in writing at the time of registration.