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Bauhaus Ball

Bauhaus Ball Graphic CSpinelli.jpg


To celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Bauhaus, we invite you to the NYSID Bauhaus Ball! Faculty, staff, and students are invited to create a hat or other wearable creations - from re-purposed materials - based on a Bauhaus object. Wear your creation to the Ball, and share your Bauhaus inspiration. And just in time to wear for a Bauhaus Halloween!

We’ll gather in the auditorium to present our creations in an immersive Bauhaus environment!
We’ll vote on the best costume for undergraduate, graduate, and faculty and staff entrants!
We’ll celebrate design as students go on to a Bauhaus Halloween Party in the Whiton Gallery, while faculty and staff continue the Bauhaus celebration in the auditorium.

Want more? Students are also invited to re-design the NYSID logo in the Bauhaus Style. For more information, register for the Canvas course below.

Need inspiration? Check out the Inspiration and Resource Guide here and the Bauhaus Manifesto here.

If you are interested in working on the Bauhaus Ball installation design or want to submit images for the slide show, or have any additional questions, please contact Barbara Weinreich, Director of Undergraduate Programs.