Shaun Fillion, LC Educator IALD


Director, MPS in Lighting Design

Shaun Fillion, Educator IALD, is an award winning lighting designer with two decades of lighting design experience and a decade of experience as an educator. Fillion was recognized with an Illumination Award (Grace Church, NYC), the IESNA Section Service Award and the Princess Grace Award. As Lighting Studio Manager for RAB Lighting, Shaun Fillion is responsible for meeting performance targets for the studio, providing guidance and growth. Fillion is secretary of the IES Progress Committee and the Libraries RP committee, as well as advisory member of the Residential Lighting Committee. Fillion serves on the board of managers for the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) of North America, New York City Chapter, and serves as adviser to the Student Lighting Competition Committee. He is a certified instructor for AGi32.

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