Graduate Scholarships and Assistantships

Incoming and returning students are eligible to be considered for institutional aid in the form of scholarships or grants. Scholarships are awarded based on merit and specific criteria defined by the scholarship.  To be considered, students must have at least a 3.0 GPA.  Grants may be awarded based on merit and demonstrated financial need. 

In order for the scholarship to be considered for renewal, recipients must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA, continue to meet the award criteria and have no violations of the NYSID Student Code of Conduct.  It is expected that awarded students are enrolled full-time (12 or more credits) unless otherwise noted in the award descriptions.

Scholarships awards are determined by a committee appointed by the NYSID President.  

Barbara Bernie Scholarship

Barbara Bernie was a NYSID alumna who generously dedicated a part of her estate to create this endowed scholarship fund.  Barbara helped design the NYSID color course with our college’s founder Sherrill Whiton.  She taught color courses and served as the school registrar for several years.  The scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student. 

Keith Bjes Scholarship

Keith Bjes attended NYSID to pursue a second career in interior design.  This fund was endowed in his memory by friends and classmates after his passing in 2007.  The scholarship is awarded to a student (undergraduate or graduate) who follows in his footsteps by undertaking a second career in interior design.


Peter and Roslyn Brandt were beloved members of the NYSID community.  Peter, was a Vice President and Managing Principal of Gensler’s New York office. He joined the NYSID faculty in 1987 and retired July 2013.  Roslyn’s prolific and groundbreaking career included working at Gensler and HOK before opening her own firm.  The scholarship is awarded to a student pursuing graduate studies. 

Sheila Chapline Scholarship

This scholarship was created to honor Sheila Chapline for her more than 45 years of outstanding service to the NYSID community.  It is awarded to an undergraduate or graduate student to encourage the study of interior design.

The Ruben de Saavedra Scholarship

Ruben de Saavedra graduated from the New York School of Interior Design and was a longtime faculty member.  The head of Ruben de Saavedra Inc. for 30 years, he was known primarily for his residential work for clients in Italy, Brazil, and the United States.  This endowed scholarship was established by friends and family in memory of the designer in 1990.  It is awarded to an outstanding MFA student who demonstrates exceptional talent and commitment to design.  

The Mark Hampton Scholarship

Mark Hampton was an interior designer whose relaxed traditionalism was embraced by America's stylish elite, making him a celebrated symbol of gracious living for decades.  The scholarship was endowed by friends in memory of the designer in 1999 and is awarded to an exceptional MFA candidate with a 3.25 GPA or better. 


After serving on the Board of Trustees, Inge Heckel was NYSID President from 1996 to 2008. She currently services as Trustee Emerita. As NYSID’s first graduate program was established during her tenure, this award is given to a student pursuing graduate studies.

Harold and Gisele Jaffe Scholarship

Harold Jaffe was a long-time member of the NYSID faculty, noted appraiser and friend of the college. Together with his wife, Gisele, he created this scholarship to support the education of undergraduate or graduate students who show exceptional promise and creativity.

The Jean Chisholm Lindsey Scholarship

This endowed scholarship, created in 2000 in honor and memory of alumnus Jean Chisholm Lindsey, is awarded to an exceptional MFA candidate.

dIANE tRAMONTANO Scholarship

In memory of Diane Tramontano, a 1990 NYSID Graduate, this scholarship was established by her mother Delores Tramontano, and is awarded on a merit basis to a female, full-time student in either the undergraduate or graduate program

The Alumni Scholarship

This scholarship is made possible by the annual gifts and grants of NYSID Alumni who want to help, encourage and inspire undergraduate or graduate students to prepare for rewarding careers in interior design.

President's Merit Scholarship

This intuitional scholarship is awarded to incoming students (undergraduate or graduate) who show exceptional potential in the study of interior design.

Chairman's Merit Scholarship

This intuitional scholarship is awarded to continuing students (undergraduate or graduate) who show exceptional potential in the study of interior design.

Graduate Trustee Scholarship

This endowed scholarship fund was established by the trustees of the college to encourage and support the completion of Master’s degree programs. 


This intuitional grant is awarded on merit and/or need and merit. Students can be studying on a full or part time basis in, undergraduate or graduate programs.

NYSID Assistantship

NYSID Assistantship eligibility is merit based and provides the recipient the opportunity to earn a stipend for the academic year depending on the amount of the award.  In return for this stipend, the graduate assistant agrees to carry out work assignments in an academic or administrative department of the college for a specified number of hours per week depending upon the award.