Leyden Lewis

Leyden Lewis, a graduate of Parsons School of Design, Lewis’ diverse range of projects includes luxury residences on Manhattan's famous Museum Mile and a contemporary art-filled winter retreat at the Breakers Row in Palm Beach, Florida.

Lewis brings his professional experience into the classroom by sharing his personal experiences and knowledge of his design career. “I want students to explore who they want to be as designers,” said Lewis. I often encourage my students to take the opportunity engaging practical knowledge with fantasy during their creative process.”

As a fine artist, his work has been exhibited widely and has received much acclaim. In 2004, Leyden Lewis was invited by the curator Thelma Golden to participate in the Harlemworld: Metropolis and Metaphor show at the Studio Museum in Harlem.

In his new position, Lewis’ mission is to build on the current programming by creating strategies to increase enrollment over time. 

What do you see is your overall mission when it comes to your role as the Director of ICPS?
My mission is to build on the current programming by creating strategies to increase enrollment over time. The increases are possible by expanding groups that we target and invite to NYSID for Professional expansion. Doing so we can offer programming which address the needs at every strata of an individual’s professional career and backgrounds. The curriculum is key. Who is teaching and who is being taught is invaluable.

What has been your favorite part about piloting ICPS?
Imagining the possibilities of the program in 1 or 2 years. Connecting with the different individuals and departments to achieve the single goal at NYSID which is the student.

What are you looking forward to next with ICPS’s development?
I am looking forward to continue getting to know the instructors in ICPS department. Interviewing potential new instructors where needed to fulfill the vision. The idea of creating new course agendas for the spring and summer of 2018 are also pretty exciting and fun.

How would you describe the benefits of the program you teach to someone who is considering NYSID for their interior design education?
The Continuing and Professional Studies program is where you take your professional skills and tool box and get equipped for changes in technology, strengthen skills applicable to a dynamic and changing market place, access to amazing individuals who are seasoned professionals in the design industry.

How do you bring your professional life into the classroom (or to the directorship)?
By sharing my personal experiences and knowledge of my design career: Past, present, and future.

I have been a sole practitioner for almost 20 years. I am a perfect candidate for much the programming in the ICPS at NYSID. I am open to sharing my personal travails where things didn’t work and the abundant lessons I have learned over the past two decades.  Most students have a strong sense of their individual aesthetic vision and are equally hungry for practical professional skills to run a practice or be an asset in design team.