Pál András Rutkai

Pal Rutkai is an architect based in Budapest, Hungary. He graduated from NYSID's MPS Healthcare Interior Design program in 2015 on a Fulbright Scholarship and has worked at Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios in Bath, England as well as KOZTI Architects in Budapest. He has a Master's degree in Architecture and Engineering from Budapest University of Technology and Economics and he is currenly working as a senior architect for Zoboki Design & Architecture.

As an architect, what made you decide to go back to school for interior design?
Working in the profession for almost 10 years I realized that we could have much better results if architects understood interior design better. NYSID’s MPS Healthcare Interior Design program offered the best solution to bridge the gap between the two disciplines. Going back to school was also a refreshing experience. A change in lifestyle, thinking and mentality created opportunities to develop myself.

What led you to choose NYSID over other design schools and what did you like most about the healthcare program?
The MPS-H program is not only unique in the United States but also around the world. We had access to faculty who were working for the best firms in the US. The faculty was a broad selection of professionals who not only had years of experience, but also taught the latest trends in healthcare design. I also liked the holistic approach of the syllabus: starting with research and evidence-based design and then going all the way into the smallest details of interior design. Also, the setup of the student team enabled us to simulate a real project development environment where people with different backgrounds and priorities have to work together for better healthcare outcomes.

How did being a design student in New York City influence your work as an architect in Hungary?
Being a New Yorker was an amazing experience. I have always lived in a large city but this is a metropolis on a different scale. New York City created a unique environment that inspired me each and every day. Besides its unique atmosphere, the city is the ultimate design capital of the world with excellent hospitals like New York Presbyterian and top of the line design firms such as NBBJ. Access to both of these was an amazing opportunity.

What specific aspects of your NYSID education have best prepared you for the work you are currently doing at Zoboki Design & Architecture?
Hungary has world renowned medical education and excellent healthcare professionals. However, most of the country’s infrastructure is in desperate need of reconstruction and resources are limited. The MPS-H program was about research-based design decisions with a practical eye to the smallest details. This approach leads to more functional, cost effective healing spaces which is exactly what the country needs. I am currently working on the implementation of these methods to Zoboki Design & Architecture's new healthcare design paradigm. Medicine is no longer the only answer. Design has to be part of the solution.