Sofia Arredondo

Prior to returning to Mexico City, Sofia was involved in a vast array of projects that included design and construction of spaces for theatre, film and television, as well as design, decoration, and commissioning of residential and restaurant interiors. In 2013, she joined Kugler Ning Lighting (KNL), an award-winning architectural lighting design firm in New York City.

After gaining an immense amount of experience, and collaborating with architectural and design teams including Zaha Hadid Architects, SHoP Architects, Meyer Davis and SLCE throughout her career, Sofia decided to take time off and travel. Throughout her travels, she became more aware of different cultures and forms of design that focused on sustainability and social development, sparking an interest in bio construction techniques and the integration of lighting to generate new meanings and solutions.

Where are you now and what kind of work/projects are you currently working on?
I am now back in Mexico City working as a freelance design consultant, currently collaborating with Luca Salas, a Mexican lighting designer, in a hospitality development in North of Mexico. I also worked with designer Elizabeth Alvarez on the stage design for the music festival, Bahidorá.

How did NYSID prepare you for where you are today? 
NYSID was a great experience that introduced me to the world of architectural lighting – giving me a solid theoretical and technological base and providing countless opportunities in the lighting industry in New York City. These opportunities prepared me for future challenges and gave me the necessary tools to continue my career in different locations.

What career advice do you have for current students? What is critical for the future professional?
My advice to current students is to think outside the box; go beyond what you learned in the classroom; look for challenges and opportunities in unknown places; network; travel; see lighting beyond the aesthetics; and to be socially and environmentally conscious taking lighting out from its luxury atmosphere bringing it closer to the people.

Who influenced you at NYSID?
So many people influenced me at NYSID, but especially Charles Cameron, Tina Sarawgi, and Eric Chenault.