Yaneli Ronzon

Yaneli Rozon received her undergraduate degree in Architecture from Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra in the Dominican Republic. During this time, she won a national competition for the design of a botanical garden, which is now under construction. As a result of her professional experiences, Ms. Rozon came to realize that what makes design successful is proper lighting, which should both enhance the design aesthetic and be functional, so she decided to pursue an advanced degree in lighting design through NYSID’s Masters of Professional Studies in Lighting Design (MPS-L) program. During her time at NYSID, she received the Thomas M. Lemons Scholarship from the International Association of Lighting Designers and a design-based award that was featured in New York Magazine. Ms. Rozon is currently employed with Orsman Design, an award-winning lighting design firm involved in residential, retail, and landscape lighting.

Why did you pursue a MPS in Lighting at NYSID?
I decided to pursue a degree at NYSID because of the strength of the program. The curriculum and classes are practical, valuing both functionality and aesthetics, and the faculty are recognized professionals in the field. NYSID provides all the knowledge and tools that you need to become an outstanding lighting professional.

Tell me about the process you use to transform ideas into work.
As a practical matter, I first like to know three things: what kind of project it is (for example, residential or office, public or private, etc.), what the space looks like, and what the client’s needs are. Once I have this information, I come up with an overall concept merging practical and aesthetic considerations.

What were some of your best moments at NYSID? 
I had such a positive experience that it’s hard to narrow it down to one or even a handful of best moments. That said, what I enjoyed most was the sense of camaraderie among classmates and graduates and the opportunities to meet professionals and practitioners in the field.

To learn more about Yaneli and her work, check out her featured article, written in Spanish, in Arquitexto, an architectural magazine that is published and produced in Santo Domingo since 1986.