Faith Hoops

Faith Hoops is in NYSID’s BFA program. In addtion to her coursework, Faith is the secretary of NYSID’s ASID Student Chapter and is a member of the D&D Student Council. In September 2015, her apartment was chosen to be featured in a NY Post story on how to get the most out of a 300-square-foot apartment and live beautifully on a student budget, and in a German TV program in a segment on unique apartment living in NYC.

Why did you want to study interior design?
I have had a knack for design since I was a young girl decorating my Barbie dream house with my mother's sewing scraps. By age 8, I was rearranging my parents' furniture and staying up past my bedtime to sketch floor plans. I wanted to change people’s lives one room at a time. After attending an interior design trade school after high school, I knew I wanted to apply to New York School of Interior Design.

Why was NYSID’s BFA program right for you?
It was important for me to attend an accredited college to become a practicing interior designer. The BFA program really covers how to properly design interiors for health, well-being, function, and aesthetics.

Can you tell us about an “aha” moment you have had as a student at NYSID?
At NYSID I quickly learned that the key to being successful isn’t just immersing yourself in your studies, but networking as well – taking an hour or two out of your school projects and attending a design event once a month and putting yourself out there. My “aha” moment was when I started to realize that all of my efforts were paying off – I started to get internship offers, recommendations from my contacts, and was being recognized by designers at some of the industry’s biggest events.

What are your plans for after graduation?
Residential design is my greatest interest because I feel a home acts as a starting and ending point of each and every day. It acts as a recharging station, a safe haven, and a launch pad into the day ahead of you. I want to provide interiors that make for better days and better dreams by enhancing the quality of life, safety, and functionality. To do this, I hope to work for a firm and absorb every bit of information I can until I eventually start my own firm. I also hope to one day publish a book on my story, work, and how it has made a difference in people’s lives.