New York City's Grand Central

When you live in a place as fast paced as New York, it’s easy to take your surroundings for granted.  We’re all guilty of this.  Even myself, as a grad student at New York School of Interior Design!

Growing up in the suburbs, I’ve been rushing in and out of Grand Central for as long as I can remember.   As a kid, and even a teenager, it was like this magical gateway into the city. But now as an adult and a Brooklynite, I mostly see it as place full of people who are all in the way of where I need to go. When you stop and smell the roses, it’s a pretty great place. The space is downright beautiful, and as the city is being built up with glass curtain walls, this Beaux Arts gem is a shining beacon of New York’s past.

A tour of Grand Central's 100 year anniversary reveals many history and design surprises.

We were amused and honored to see that an article in the LA Times by Tina Susman, highlighted a recent tour our students enjoyed of Grand Central Terminal with its knowledgeable docent and chief historian. The Terminal turned 100 years old this year and of all the activities on the schedule to celebrate the anniversary, tours to appreciate its beauty truly reflect the strength and importance of good design…our favorite topic. Here is a link to the Los Angeles Times story, “At 100, Grand Central Still Holds Secrets.”

Phyllis Greer