Designing Tomorrow's Home Exhibition

On September 29, the NYSID community gathered to celebrate the opening of NYSID’s fall exhibition, Designing Tomorrow’s Home. See photos here.

Led by instructors Edwin Zawadski and Joseph Goldstein in Design Studio II classes, 19 of NYSID’s post-professional Master of Fine Arts students were asked to design what the home of the future will look like in New York City no more than 50 years from now.  Throughout the design process, Goldstein and Zawadski encouraged students not to design under the presumption that advances in technology will be the sole answer to every future urban housing problem. Instead, they told students that the exploration of various existing environments would serve as a more innovative approach. As a result, the final projects show a future incorporating technology, sustainability, modular and flexible living, and where space is at a premium–all while supporting the iconic concept of the home as a refuge and source of comfort. Designs include everything from pods on the underside of a bridge and floating submersible spaces, to nomadic docking stations, underground structures, and more. Get a sneak peak of the projects here.

Student participants include Emmanuelle Brezault, Junyu Chen, Xinran Chen, Wenbo Da, Yu-Hsiang Fu, Tauana Marques De Freitas, Kevin X. Garcia, Christianne Guraieb, Min Kyung Kang, Huaqing Li, Shruti Ujwal Marathe, Ilya Pulyaev, Sri Keerthi Rayala, Ruiyang Sang, Praghathi Sholapur, Yue Wu, Onisha Walker, Tingting Zhang, and Ying Zhong.

The exhibition is sponsored in part by Valchromat and will be on view September 30-December 3, 2016 at the NYSID Gallery, 161 East 69th Street, Tues-Sat, 11am–6pm. Admission is free.

Phyllis Greer