Continued Efforts to Improve Police Precinct in Brownsville

Over the past year, NYSID students have had a special opportunity to start work on redesigning parts of the 73rd Police Precinct in Brownsville, Brooklyn, through former Police Commissioner William Bratton’s People’s Precinct program. The first phase of the project took place in the summer of 2015, when students Daniella Brecher, Anna Enya Dzubey, Orianna Ellison, and Hsien-Huei Wu, under the supervision of instructor Francisco De Leon, prposed designs for the station’s vestibule to make it more welcoming and open. This past summer, a second group (pictured at left)—Mateo Baca, Tom Elka, Marie Nguyen, Anette Severino, Sylvia Sirabella, and Juliana Tiseo, under the supervision of instructor Terry Kleinberg—proposed designs for the officers’ lounge area and fitness center. See pictures here.

The project is part of an initiative launched by the NYC Department of Design and Construction and the department’s Town + Gown program, which connects schools and government through design. The redesign of the 73rd Precinct is consistent with the NYPD’s efforts to strengthen the relationship between the police and neighborhood residents and create more pleasant working areas for NYPD officers and staff. Town + Gown is now working with the NYPD to put financing in place to redo the vestibule and renovate and refurbish the officers’ areas.

Phyllis Greer