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299 Domestic Study Trip

Lecture Credits: 2, Prerequisites: 102 or 502

This study tour will visit significant sites within the United States, examining both historical and contemporary interior design, architecture, and art.. Emphasis is on historical and stylistic analysis within a cultural context. Students will do preparatory readings, and keep a journal/sketchbook; a final research paper is required. Past trips have included the study of modernism in Southern California and art deco in South Beach. DH

315 History of Building Types

Lecture Credits: 2, Prerequisites: 111, 112 or 601 and 602 or 640

This seminar will investigate the development of one or more building types and their interiors. Semester topics may focus on libraries, clubs, museums, hotels, or government buildings. Significant examples and stylistic trends will be investigated through visits to sites, class lectures and discussion, as well as student presentations. DH

316 Great Women Designers

Lecture Credits: 2, Prerequisites: 111, 112 or 640 or 601 and 602

This course explores the significant contributions of women to the fields of architecture and design. Important contemporary and historical figures such as Edith Wharton, Elsie de Wolfe, Eileen Gray, Julia Morgan, Andrée Putman, Gae Aulenti, and Denise Scott Brown will be discussed. DH

318 Design History Seminar

Lecture Credits: 2, Prerequisites: 112, 111 or 640 or 601 and 602

This seminar is an in-depth study of a special topic related to the history of design and decorative arts. The course is structured around a set of lectures, class discussions, core readings, and field trips. Students are required to develop a creative project or write a research paper related to the seminar topic. DH

325 Landscape Design in History

Lecture Credits: 2, Prerequisites: 112, 111 or 640 or 601 and 602

This history seminar explores the concepts, principles and methods of landscape design in a historical perspective with special focus on the relationships between landscape and interior and exterior architecture. The shape and meaning of gardens in each society will be examined, as well as analyzing what is revealed about the philosophical and spiritual concepts of nature in specific cultures and eras. DH.