Lynda Head

After earning her Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Information Management at Oxford Brookes University, Lynda Head became a CPA in the hospitality and leisure industry for ten years. When given the opportunity to take time off from work she capitalized on the opportunity to travel to New York City. While there, Lynda became intrigued by NYSID’s Summer Intensive Program in Hospitality and registered for the two-week Contemporary Topics in Design course. Not only did the course give her a chance to explore her interests and add a new skill, it also opened the door to a whole new career opportunity for her. Upon completion of the course, Lynda decided to stay and pursue further education in NYSID’s MFA-1 program.


Why did you decide to pursue a MFA degree at NYSID?

I had been working as an accountant in the hospitality and leisure industry for ten years in London, when I was fortunate enough to be given six weeks off work. During that time, I spent the whole six weeks in New York City and found a two-week concept design course in hospitality here at NYSID. I wanted to try something new, while still being able to include what I was most passionate about so I registered for the course.

The course was fantastic, it completely reconstructed my view on interior design. The program also had a diverse group of students. There were some international students from Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, others were already students in the MFA-1 program, and another had just relocated to New York with many years of design experience.

The design course in hospitality covered basic design and concepts, and there were numerous trips to hotels across New York. The final project was designing a hotel lobby and presenting to an external critic. I enjoyed the project and creative environment so much I wanted to explore it further. I decided to enroll in the MFA-1 program and concentrate on contract design. One year in and I couldn’t be happier with the decision I made. That one two-week course gave me more than I could have hoped.

Tell us about the process you use to transform ideas into work.
At the start of each project I try to really understand the client and what they’re trying to achieve with their interior. With this mind I pull together images that evoke the feeling I want to create in the space. Another way I transform ideas into work is including feedback from the lectures and open dialogue from my peers.

What’s your take on NYSID’s efforts to make its curriculum more diverse and inclusive?
I find NYSID to very inclusive. There’s also diversity everywhere. Its diversity in the faculty members as they all  have vast and different experiences, the project briefs we are given, to the history, countries, and designs we cover, and of course as I mentioned, the diversity of the students really enhances our discussions.

What are some of your best moments at NYSID so far?
The friends I have made. I am really enjoying the journey we are on together, as well as the conversations we have about the spaces we visit and the spaces we are creating.

When Lynda boarded the plane from London to NYC last summer she was ready for a whole new experience. We’re thrilled that a NYSID two week summer intensive class was able to not only deliver a memorable experience, but to shed light on a whole new career opportunity that she is now eagerly pursuing.  Find your new passion by enrolling in one of our Institute for Continuing Professional Study classes – enrollment is on-going and a complete course list is available at here.