Drew McGukin

“I’ve never been a wallflower. Neither are my interiors." says Drew. “Like the elegant lady that all eyes follow at a party, the one self-assured enough to wear all the right accessories. It requires a certain confidence to take risks and be able to pull it off. That’s the essence of style." 

Just months after graduating from the New York School of Interior Design in 2010, Drew McGukin founded Drew McGukin Interiors. He designs warm, personal spaces for a discerning clientele that appreciates living with style.

Respected organizations such as the International Furnishings & Design Association (IFDA) quickly recognized the potential of Drew's signature style and identified him as a Rising Star. He was invited to sit on the Advisory Councils and Board of Directors of prestigious industry groups including ASID and the NYDC.  His work continues to be featured in magazines and online regularly. His portfolio remains a standout at Best in Houzz; a nod to his extraordinary online following.

While traditionally educated, this self-proclaimed pattern-addict quickly became one of the leading contemporary designers on the market today. “We live in a world of camel, black and white," explains Drew, "that has its place and is undeniably chic. But, my first love is color and pattern. I just can’t deny it.”

Drew's innovative interiors tell the story of combining bold choices and rich textures to create a subtle sophistication that requires you take notice, then relax and enjoy.


Looking back, what are some of your best memories or experiences from NYSID?
I fondly remember early mornings and late nights working in the Mario Buatta Materials Atelier at E70. Having that beautiful space as alternative to a cramped home studio in NYC was exquisite.

How has your NYSID experience impacted your life today?
I think the biggest impact to my life today is in the benefit of aligning yourself with like minds, others striving towards best, and associating with quality. There’s an inherent synergy that moves and exchanges in that kind of connectivity created when everyone is looking to raise the bar together.

How would you encourage NYSID students and other alumni to give back to NYSID?
I have participated in the mentorship program over the years. I believe looping back to NYSID through American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) can be successful. I believe showing up to lectures and events shows a real spirit of thankfulness. Engaging in critiques when invited is a good way to stay connected as well. Perhaps the biggest thing is simply committing to stay connected, then figuring out what that looks like for each chapter of your career going forward.

What piece of advice would you give current NYSID students?
Elevate your standards. Invest in the opportunities provided while the window of opportunity is within reach. Sign up for the extracurricular activities and utilize the resources provided. Honor the creative process that is celebrated through NYSID’s version of design education.

What is a proud accomplishment in your life?
Deciding to move to NYC and enroll at NYSID was a huge shift in my life that will always be a significant goal post.

What is your dream for the future of NYSID and how can the NYSID Family (alumni, faculty, staff, and students) make it happen?
My dream for NYSID is to maintain integrity around the practice of true, principled residential interior design. It’s a challenge to stay focused and committed to excellence in our world at present. I rely on NYSID to remain a beacon for students interested in the art of creating home, and to not lose sight of the importance of drilling in the basic tenets, elements and principles of traditional residential interior design standards.

Describe NYSID in three words.
Elegant. Elevated. Committed to Excellence.

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